We find that the best resumés have one thing in common: candidates are able to share achievements including numeric and metrics versus a day to day synopsis of their experiences.

Company Name
Dates Employed
1-2 sentences explaining your company’s focus (because while you may think your company is well known helping show what you do means one less step for the reviewer)
4-5 bullet points: While most resumes have bullet points that show the day to day of what someone does, just think about how much more value you could show

Take my example below:
• Business development and sales in the recruiting industry

• Ability to increase sales revenue within an existing client base taking sales from $1.2 to $3 million in under 1 fiscal year
• Successfully identified and closed 6 new client accounts in under 1 fiscal year with company average at 3 new accounts per fiscal year
See the benefit? Check out some additional tips below
• Personalize: We recommend tweaking your resume for positions. Since many companies utilize software to screen out candidates that aren’t a fit, if you can add some key words or phases from the job description into your resume, you are more likely to get to the hiring manager. We also recommend tweaking your about section to explain why you are the right fit for this role
• To condense… or not?: Our thought is potentially both. If you are applying for a senior level role, most likely you will have to get by HR to get to senior leadership. HR is more likely to enjoy a condensed resume, however the further you move up the career ladder, senior and executive leadership will want to see the meat and potatoes of what you’ve done
• Ease to read: We recommend shying away from paragraphs or multiple sentences in your bullet points. We recommend no more than 1-2 sentences per bullet