About Us

During 2020, while the bulk of the world was shut down and jobs were slow, The Otis Sampson Company came to be. With lots of thinking time, a long-sought dream finally became a reality. With over 10 years in the recruiting and executive search industry, The Otis Sampson Company places value and emphasis in three core areas that they have frequently seen fail from their competitors and past employers.


While many recruiting firms can find talent externally, internal turnover is a huge issue within the industry leading to frustrations as candidates never hear back and clients do not want yet again another new rep who doesn’t understand their business or industry. We’ve strived to create a strong company culture with an emphasis on recognition, work/life balance, and competitive compensation to not only attract, but retain our team.

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With investment in top tools, we have the ability to reach passive talent and search multiple platforms outside of traditional Boolean and search strings. Our tools also enable our team to stay on top of jobs, candidates, and clients with a pride and emphasis on communication and transparency.


Having a team effort where having open communication and feedback is key. With a very tight job market and negative unemployment in many fields, the candidate experience is an increasingly important part of a successful search. We pride ourselves on our open and honest communication and feedback to both our candidates and clients. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor to help guide and mentor both candidates and clients to not make a placement, but to make the right for all parties.

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